Digitally focused, commercially orientated marketing professional with over 15 years’ experience

Hello! I'm Joanne. I live in Reading, Berkshire, and have spent the last 15 years working across marketing and digital marketing roles in a variety of industries including media, membership, events, not-for-profit, publishing, professional services, legal, and recruitment.

One connecting frustration throughout all my previous roles was how hard it was to get genuine advice from marketing agencies which empowered our business to take clear action. Advice was so often woolly, unclear, confusing, or conflicting!


Working now as a digital marketing consultant I really, really enjoy delivering clear, actionable advice and guidance to my clients so that they can develop their digital marketing to support their business or continue our relationship with faith in my clarity and loyalty.


As an experienced digital marketeer and project manager with a passion for content creation and digital optimisation I specialise in digital marketing reviews, strategy creation, content development, social media planning, website development, SEO, email marketing and training.

When I'm not getting my head down on a new digital project I can be found over at dreamalittleHANDMADE or hiding somewhere trying to finish a good book before my kids demand ANOTHER snack!

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