A constant worry from clients about social media and websites is what to content to post - what medium should it be? How often should it be posted? Where should it be posted?


This brings us to our last piece of the digital marketing puzzle - content marketing. A digital marketing strategy should coordinate all your efforts and make your content work harder for you. Content marketing is a form of marketing through the creation and distribution of content to your audience. 



A strong digital plan will look at what you want to be found for and include a plan of keywords that link back into that. Content should be written that will be attractive for the audience, but also for search engines. That same piece of content can then be used across social media channels and it can also be included in newsletters or in personalised emails to key contacts and stakeholders. One piece of content should work hard! After all, you have spent a lot of time producing it and it's important to see a return on this effort.

Not all content is equal

Finally, remember that content doesn’t just have to be in writing. Video, podcasts and webinars can all be valuable as ways of producing content that can be shared and distributed across various digital channels, attracting customers through your digital marketing. 

I have helped businesses, large and small, to rationalise their thought processes, determine clear, achievable goals, create actionable digital marketing plans, and implement their activities effectively. If you would like to have a free initial discussion about how I can help you with your marketing needs please get in touch.

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