With the recent rapid and long-lasting changes to the way we are all living our lives, distanced from others, and cut off from the world as we used to know it, digital has become more important to everyone. How you used to conduct business may no longer be an option, tough as this is, perhaps digital marketing can offer the solution. Now is the time to give attention to a sad, neglected website or social media account. It is the time to revisit that digital marketing strategy, or create one! 

I have helped businesses, large and small, to rationalise their thought processes, determine clear, achievable goals, create actionable digital marketing plans, and implement their activities effectively. If you would like to have a free initial discussion about how I can help you with your marketing needs please get in touch.

1. What is digital marketing?

2. What should a digital marketing plan contain?

3. Why is a digital marketing plan important?

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What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a way of using online tactics to deliver marketing strategies. It is a variety of channels that organisations can use to communicate with their chosen audiences and can offer fantastic value for money when used effectively. Digital channels include social media platforms, websites, blogs and PPC.

To ensure that best return on investment for your business it is important to understand where digital marketing fits within your broader marketing strategy. What are you offering? Who is your target market? What do you want to be perceived as? And what messaging do you want to deliver?

It is vital to have clarity in your marketing objectives, once you know where you want to get to a digital marketing strategy can help you to achieve them. 


What should a digital marketing plan contain?

A successful digital marketing plan should always contain clear goals but to ensure success it is vital to monitor. Regular tracking and measuring of your performance against your goals can then inform future activities. If you aren't clear on what you want to achieve then how will you know if you get there?

There are many digital tactics and tools that you can use to achieve your goals.  It is important to remember that digital can also be a way of delivering your service to your clients, at present it could be the only way available to you! A well thought out digital marketing plan with clear objectives surrounding your website, social media channels, core content, blog content and paid advertising can help you in achieving that.


Why is a digital marketing plan so important?

Pre Covid-19 it might have been possible to be lazy about digital marketing. Most businesses will have a website, possibly a social media account (or many) but have felt up till now that digital marketing strategies were for businesses with internal marketing teams, or those who sought to attract clients online.

Online is now where everything is, its where all businesses are conducting their business so now, more than ever, strong, focused and successful digital marketing activity is key to staying in business. A digital marketing plan is essential for ensuring your activities align with your business goals and maximising on return on investment of time and money.




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