I have helped many businesses to review their existing content from an SEO perspective and to refocus their efforts upon updating and creating keyword-focused content that is relevant and targeted to their audience.

My digital marketing review offers immediate ‘quick win’ SEO recommendations and longer-term recommendations for improvement – proper practical advice and guidance which I can also assist with implementing where required. I can also provide a more in-depth SEO-specific review of your content or website on request. 
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You might have an existing website that needs to work harder for you or be in the early stages of creating your brand and business. Either way, search engine optimisation should be a priority for your website development. The idea of ‘build it and they will come’ sadly doesn’t apply to websites. Whilst you might be considering (quite rightly) the layout, colour, user journey, and coding of your website just throwing some content onto and then leaving it alone isn’t going to guarantee visitors. Search engine optimisation should always be a consideration when adding or changing content on a site.


1. What is Search Engine Optimisation?

2. Why should you care about SEO?

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What is search engine optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO involves various activities designed to increase the visibility of a website to search engines. Getting your SEO in order (and maintaining it) will mean that when a web user types keywords relevant to your business into a search engine your site comes up high in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages).

SEO refers to the improvement of unpaid results and is both an alternative and a complementary activity to paid placement such as Pay-Per-Click or PPC. Building SEO involves, amongst other activities, creating relevant content on your website with clear signposts for search engines, improving your domain authority, and building relevant backlinks with other reputable websites.



Why should you care about SEO?​

A successful website, particularly if you are wanting to revenue or lead generate, needs to have traffic ‘driven’ to it. Whilst many might go the PPC route to get quick traffic the sensible long term approach would be to spend far less (and potentially achieve far more) but creating a solid SEO grounding and building upon this with regular, relevant content. Done correctly SEO will not just make your site more visible but also make it far more likely that you not only get visitors but the right kind of visitor!

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